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Our Vision

We only have one planet but are living like we have two. A global circular economy will enable us to fulfill people's needs while reducing the materials we extract and use — making human activity compatible with the planet’s safe limits.

With the world building the equivalent of New York City every month for the next 40 years, staying within our planet’s boundaries while we build to improve living standards for all is a must. At Holcim, circularity is at the core of everything we do, as part of our net-zero journey.

The global economy is just 7% circular, so the shift to circularity concerns everyone. With GOCIRCULAR we’re sailing around the world with a call to action to accelerate circular building and living from sea to city. This initiative is a symbol of our commitment to sustainability, putting circularity at the core of how we decarbonize building:

Go Circular

Go Circular At The Ocean Race

Image of the Go Circular yacht

With GO CIRCULAR, Holcim raced around the world to promote circular for a net-zero future. We are proud to have been a part of the race’s climate research program. Throughout the race our boat collected data from sea to air, from edges of the world where nobody goes, to advance climate science.

Collecting data to help science

The data that Team Holcim-PRB and the other crews collected provided the world’s leading science organizations with valuable information, in real-time, to paint a more accurate picture of what is happening to the ocean and the important role it plays in maintaining a healthy planet. This vital data is helping scientists get more information that is currently lacking on two of the biggest threats to the health of the seas: the impact of climate change and plastic pollution.

How the data is used

The collected data is open-source and shared with The Ocean Race’s science partners – organizations that are examining the impact of human activity on the ocean. They use it in reports that inform and influence governments across the world. This includes reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) along with databases such as the Surface Ocean Carbon Dioxide Atlas, which provides data for the Global Carbon Budget, a yearly assessment of carbon dioxide that informs targets and predictions for carbon reduction.

Part of the data gathering also supports efforts by international organizations who work together as part of the Global Ocean Observing System, a network aimed at improving understanding of our one ocean.

Credit: The Ocean Race

The Ocean Race science programme data journey infographic

Meet Team Holcim-PRB

Having completed The Ocean Race 2022-2023 and the transatlantic race Route du Rhum in November 2022, Team Holcim-PRB’s race boat, a 60-foot Open monohull will continue carrying this message in one of the world’s premiere round-the-world sailing races: Vendée Globe 2024. It builds on the sailing legacy of PRB, which has sponsored ocean racing for 30 years and won two editions of the Vendée Globe, in 2000 with Michel Desjoyeaux and in 2004 with Vincent Riou.

Image of the Circular Cities Barometer
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