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The Ocean Race: Start of Leg 1 0 Days | 0 Hours | 0 Minutes


With GO CIRCULAR, Team Holcim-PRB is sailing the world to preserve our oceans with a call to action to accelerate the shift to circular living.

GO CIRCULAR joined The Ocean Race for its first round-the-world regatta as the only Swiss team to compete in this year’s legendary sailing marathon. Celebrating its 50th anniversary The Ocean Race is a global climate-positive sports event, symbolizing Holcim’s net-zero journey.

This year’s The Ocean Race is driving a comprehensive climate research program. Throughout the race our team is collecting water and air samples, from edges of the world where no-one goes, and collecting data that is shared with the World Meteorological Organization to advance climate science and global weather forecasting.

Racing for progress, the GO CIRCULAR team advocates for climate action at all stopovers and raises awareness for more circular living.

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Aboard The Ocean Race

Our Team Holcim-PRB continues to tackle every challenge thrown their way in The Ocean Race.

Our Team Holcim-PRB continues to tackle every challenge thrown their way in The Ocean Race.

Team Holcim-PRB enters one of the most challenging stages of the race

Team Holcim-PRB enters one of the most challenging stages of the race

In-Port race in Cape Town

In-Port race in Cape Town

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Image Holcim GO CIRCULAR scientific researcher Kevin Escoffier
Contributing to climate science at The Ocean Race

GO CIRCULAR is taking part in this climate-positive edition of The Ocean Race, which features its most ambitious and comprehensive science program to date. The round-the-world sailing race will measure microplastic pollution, gather information about the impact of climate change on the ocean and collect data to improve global weather forecasting. Over the course of the race:

  • Team Holcim-PRB is collecting water and air samples from untouched corners of the ocean
  • Together with the other teams they will take 4.3 million measurements of essential ocean parameters and collect more than 400 samples of marine litter
  • Boats will capture, for the first time, levels of oxygen and trace elements in the water
  • Data will be delivered to science partners, such as the World Meteorological Organization, faster in this edition, transmitted via satellite and reaching the organizations in real time, to advance climate science and global weather forecasting

The Ocean Race is contributing scientific data to theOcean Decade Odyssey project, an endorsed project of the UN Decade of Ocean Science (2021-2030)

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Holcim-PRB passes Cape Horn in 2nd position

28 | 03 | 2023

Holcim-PRB passes Cape Horn in 2nd position!

This was the last cape to pass of this third leg of The Ocean Race - the longest ever recorded in the race's 50-year history. 

Holcim_GO CIRCULAR_The Ocean Race_Leg 3_Day 25_Abby Ehler on board

24 | 03 | 2023

GO CIRCULAR will reach Cape Horn in 3 days

In the heart of the Pacific Ocean, an incredible scenario has kept us on the edge for several days now. After more than three weeks of racing, about 10 000 miles covered, the four IMOCA boats still racing in The Ocean Race are within 62 miles of each other.

Holcim_GO CIRCULAR_The Ocean Race_marine research

22 | 03 | 2023

GO CIRCULAR at the heart of The Ocean Race scientific program

Launched during the second leg of the race with the release of a drifting buoy in the Southern Ocean, the scientific program set up by The Ocean Race aims to deepen the understanding of the sea temperature, ocean currents and the Earth's climate.

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