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The Ocean Race: Start of Leg 1 0 Days | 0 Hours | 0 Minutes


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Team Holcim-PRB is sailing around the world, pushing the limits of sailing and circular living – just like we push the limits of circular construction with leading sustainable and innovative building solutions. Why push the boundaries when you can fly over them?
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Aboard The Ocean Race

Our crew have conquered the doldrums

Our crew have conquered the doldrums

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Training for the Ocean Race

Training for The Ocean Race

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Holcim GO CIRCULAR at The Ocean Race, Leg 2_Day 13, Sam Goodchild

07 | 02 | 2023

GO CIRCULAR still in the leading group in South Atlantic

On board, after 13 days at sea, the current events that drives the teams leave little room for imagination. For Holcim-PRB, it is more a question of being in the reality of the race, not letting up on the adjustments and finish with the bypass of St. Helena.

Holcim GO CIRCULAR_scientific research_Kevin Escoffier

06 | 02 | 2023

GO CIRCULAR, actor of the scientific program of The Ocean Race to better understand our oceans

As GO CIRCULAR continues its race towards Cape Town, the crew released yesterday a drifting buoy into the southern seas, marking the launch of the ambitious scientific program carried by The Ocean Race.

Holcim GO CIRCULAR at The Ocean Race, Leg 2_Day 7, boat on sea

02 | 02 | 2023

Holcim-PRB takes the lead on the road to Cape Town

While Guyot Environnement had the lead in the Doldrums thanks to a shift to the east, Holcim-PRB has now dislodged him from his leadership position.

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Team Holcim-PRB

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Holcim is the global leader in innovation and sustainable building materials. We are at the forefront of decarbonizing building throughout its lifecycle to ensure a net-zero future, building progress for people and the planet.
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